Preparing for Your First Chiropractic Visit

Durham Family Chiropractic is an award-winning multidisciplinary family practice and has been serving County Durham and the surrounding areas since 1997.

We have a wide selection of experienced chiropractors who utilise the latest techniques to assess, track, and customise treatment plans for each individual patient. A dedication to constant professional development and training ensures you get the best outcome possible.

Let’s explore what to expect during your initial visit to Durham Family Chiropractic.

How to Prepare:

Before your first chiropractic appointment, you will be asked to complete an intake form, this will ask various questions related to your current complaint and basic medical history. Your chiropractor will also gather extensive information during the consultation, so be prepared to answer many questions on your medical history. A full examination will also take place, so please wear something comfortable.

Consultation and Patient Intake:

Your chiropractor will start by taking your medical history and understanding any medications, allergies, or prior health conditions. This information helps them evaluate your current health, history, and make an initial assessment of how to assist you.

In addition to the medical history, your chiropractor will inquire about your occupation, physical activities, and the reason for seeking chiropractic care. This information aids in pinpointing the cause of your pain or injury.

Physical Exam:

After the medical history your chiropractor will carry out a thorough physical examination. This examination includes a neurological screen, which involves testing reflexes, muscle tone, strength and various areas of nervous system function. An orthopaedic examination is also carried out which includes assessing joint and spinal function as well as posture. The tests selected are tailored to your main complaint. Other diagnostic testing might be recommended or performed to aid in understanding the cause of your complaint which may include, for example, an ultrasound scan or referral for X-Ray, MRI or blood tests.

Treatment Plan:

Chiropractic treatment is personalised for you based on your presenting complaint and findings of the physical examination. Your chiropractor uses the information they gathered to establish the best plan of management for you. The number of visits and length of time to recovery varies for each individual patient and adjustments will be made based on progress.

First Chiropractic Adjustment:

Most patients will receive their first adjustment on the same day as the consultation. Adjustments take place on a comfortable chiropractic table, or while standing, and the type of adjustment depends on the presenting complaint and findings of the physical examination. Your chiropractor will explain each adjustment, ensuring your comfort throughout the appointment. After the adjustment, you may be asked to move around to assess how you feel. If you have any concerns, express them immediately to your chiropractor.

Follow-Up Treatment:

Follow-up treatments typically include adjustments similar to the first visit. Your chiropractor will discuss the frequency of treatment and that adherence to the provided plan is crucial for recovery. Communicate any concerns to optimise your treatment plan and achieve the best results.

We look forward to welcoming you to our Durham or Sedgefield Clinic.

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