New Acupuncture Treatment

Imagine living a life free of the chronic pain that has affected your quality of life and ability to do what you love.

Neil Thomas, Doctor of Chiropractic and Medical Acupuncturist has successfully trialed a new acupuncture treatment that is  being introduced at Durham Family Chiropractic that reduces pain very quickly with lasting effects.

The new system of acupuncture will allow patients with chronic pain complaints to seek another avenue of care other than chiropractic and osteopathy. Battlefield or ‘Rapid’ acupuncture will be available for any chronic pain related complaint where chiropractic or osteopathy may not be suitable or if the patient requires quicker pain relief while undergoing co-management with another therapy.

This acupuncture method was developed by Dr Richard Niemtzow, an American Air Force Colonel, Medical Doctor and radiation oncologist. The placement of tiny semi-permanent gold-plated needles into these points will block pain from as quickly as 5 minutes and lasts from several days up to a year. This technique is used across many American military institutes and aids in the reduction of pain in personnel when it is not desirable to administer opioid based drugs. Many people report up to 75% pain reduction following one treatment (25% is considered a success with traditional pain medications). Depending on your condition it may be that you will require more than one treatment to get the desired effects.

BFA can be used alongside regular body acupuncture or it can be used as a stand alone treatment. Administration of the treatment is not painful but some of the needles can have a little pinch when inserted as the ear cartilage is quite tough.

This treatment is now available, so please contact us for an appointment or to discuss further.



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